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➲ vers 1.16.40 PeptideShaker

MS2Pro FEATURE IMPROVEMENT: Leading and trailing white space is now removed before parsing FASTA headers. LIBRARY UPDATE: Updated utilities to version 3.3.23. Changes in PeptideShaker 1.13.0 (August 13. 2016): PeakQuant Changes in PeptideShaker 1.10.2 (May 2. 2016):


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Submitted datasets are 'private' by default, which means you need to be logged-in to view your data. We however also create a reviewer account for your submission (with an username and password) which you can include in your manuscript. The PX reviewer account will give you access to all of the files belonging to your submission. You can access the private dataset files in two ways: via the PRIDE Archive web page or via PRIDE Inspector.
Can mzIdentML files referencing raw files be submitted for a Complete PX Submission?
BUG FIX: The progress dialog now shows the actual progress when loading a FASTA file.
repack 8139587383759.,"Manipulate Coda "2.1 DDQu6IpgVrLV,uTorrent "10.12 ,Sierra,spanish,4Shared DOy5Y, portuguese
FEATURE IMPROVEMENT: Corrected potential threading issues and improved the multithreaded performance of the input and target decoy map.
NEW FEATURE: Added protein HTML links to all columns displaying protein accession numbers.
SearchGUI is available as a Miniconda package in the bioconda channel here.
FEATURE IMPROVEMENT: Improved the way the start index of the peptides is displayed in the Overview and Structure tabs. (Removed the End index.)

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